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starting Monday June 15th, 2015

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Foundations in Science of Information

  1. Probability Theory Module (6 weeks)
    June 15th - July 24th

  2. Mathematical Theory of Communication (2 weeks - recommended for those that have had probability theory/statistics)
    July 27th - Aug. 7th

  3. Information Theory (15 weeks)
    Aug. 17th - Nov. 27th
These count towards a "Foundations in Science of Information" Certificate.

Teaching SoI Resources

Are you an Instructor looking for course materials? We invite you to browse the syllabi and classroom resources (slides, readings, problem sets) from recent courses with new SoI content by Center and affiliated faculty. [Links are for external websites maintained by individual faculty]. A future update will allow faculty to submit their classroom materials, syllabi, lecture notes and slides to the Learning Hub.

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